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Sahar Mansoor

MPhil in Environmental Policy University of Cambridge 2014

Sahar Mansoor is researcher, a voracious learner and a curious traveler. Sahar has studied in India, Los Angeles and Cambridge, and volunteered in Guatemala, Jamaica and Democratic Republic on Congo on various humanitarian and environmental projects. Sahar works in Bangalore in the environmental policy and renewable energy arena.
A Low Carbon Solution For The Development Imbalance In

A Low Carbon Solution For The Development Imbalance In Karnataka

On 19 October, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah released the Human Development Index 2015 (HDI) for the gram panchayats (GP) of Karnataka, considering factors such as access to cooking fuels, toilets, safe drinking water and electricity. The new HDI data will enable the government to undertake better planning and fund allocation at village levels. Further, this presents a tremendous opportunity to undertake development through a low carbon pathway.
14/11/2015 12:17 AM IST