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Sagar Godbole

Freelance writer, Law Student at GNLU

Sagar Godbole is a law student at Gujarat National Law University where he takes a keen interest in securities law, criminal law​, trade law​ and constitutional law. With a love for writing, he is a freelance writer and also an avid blogger.

In his spare time he enjoys eating out and exploring cuisines of every kind. Having lived in three cities till date, his mind is in Gandinagar, heart in Mumbai while taste buds long for the flavours of Singapore.

You can read more of ​Sagar's writing, including restaurant and book reviews as also his views on ​any issue that catches his fancy at​ his blog - Realms of Expression.
The Real Heroes Of The Republic Day

The Real Heroes Of The Republic Day Parade

Doordarshan's Republic Day Parade broadcast gave us much background information regarding our gallantry award winners but it forgot to focus on some other heroes at Rajpath - the viewing public who managed the awe-inspiring feat of procuring tickets. Here's the story of what it takes to make it to Rajpath on 26 January.
04/02/2015 8:19 AM IST
Of Suicides and

Of Suicides and Protests

Thus while the government decision to decriminalise 'attempt to suicide' is rightly being studied from a moral and philosophical perspective, it would also be wise to analyse its implications from a practical standpoint of powers of police in relation to protests and agitations.
18/12/2014 7:39 AM IST