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Sachin Gupta

CEO and co-founder, HackerEarth

Sachin is a Computer Science graduate from IIT Roorkee who realized that he loves the sales and marketing aspect of a start-up as much he loves to code. He has worked at Google and Microsoft before he ventured out to build HackerEarth. Sachin finds all aspects of product development more exciting than writing code!

Sachin has worn multiple hats at HackerEarth from writing code in the early stages of the company, setting up social media strategy and content marketing, creating a sales process and building a sales team to driving user acquisition, he is always on the lookout for a challenge.

He has also experimented with running a t-shirt business in college, dabbled with research and published 3 research papers in the field of parallel computing and image procession.
Here's What It Takes To Build A Successful Community-Based kupbur via Getty Images

Here's What It Takes To Build A Successful Community-Based Start-Up

The Indian start-up ecosystem has had its share of innovative successes. But there is a category of companies that has remained elusive. We don't have anything that can compete with Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. What's common across these three, other than the fact that they have been the most impactful companies in the last decade? They are all driven by communities.
28/10/2015 8:27 AM IST