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Sachin Garg

Bestselling author, entrepreneur, podcaster

Sachin Garg is a bestselling author, serial entrepreneur and a popular podcaster. He has published five runaway bestsellers across genres, which have been reviewed positively by many newspapers and magazines. He Founded Grapevine India Publishers in 2011 and India Lit Fest in 2014. He also runs an NGO called ‘Lit India Movement’. His podcast ‘Indian Grapevine Podcast’, started in 2016 is gaining popularity and can be listened to at He has also spoken at various national and international forums on diverse topics. He is an alumnus of Delhi College of Engineering and MDI, Gurgaon.
The Astonishing Story Of How Ice Was Made In 19th -Century

The Astonishing Story Of How Ice Was Made In 19th -Century India

In a recent conversation with my dad, he mentioned that during his childhood in his village, two things stood out as status symbols: having a transistor or ice at home. The journey of transistors going mainstream is relativity better known but I couldn’t stop thinking about the other element, the course of ice reaching our households and becoming a part of our everyday life.
23/08/2016 2:14 PM IST