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Rupali Mehra

Journalist | Content Consultant | Ex-Senior Editor, Times Now

Rupali Mehra is an award winning television journalist/anchor, documentary filmmaker and a media consultant. When the land gets too hot to handle she heads out to sea on a sail boat. Aspires to be a helmswoman. She can be reached at and
MANJUNATH KIRAN via Getty Images

Frothing With Fury: Why The Toxic Foam Of Bangalore's Bellandur Lake Should Worry Us

As Bellandur Lake swelled yet again in these sudden rains and its acidic froth spilled over to the footpaths and streets, leading to skin rashes, red eyes and nausea among those who came in contact with it, should this bizarre phenomenon have come as a surprise? The lake has, after all, churned what was fed to it -- untreated sewage, detergents and toxic waste from unchecked small industries -- for decades.
23/11/2015 10:59 AM IST

Why We Cannot Let The Government Win Bangalore Club Battle

A walk around the 13 acres is a reminder of how green Bangalore can be. Butterflies playfully dance around the flowerbeds as the sun sneaks through a canopy of branches. The fact that this 148-year-old institution has managed to retain its character and green cover, despite sitting in the heart of a commercial district, is in itself a matter of pride for Bangalore. Yet, Bangalore Club faces the threat of being muscled down by bureaucratic bullies and gutted by political greed.
28/07/2015 8:13 AM IST
CHANDAN KHANNA via Getty Images

I'm Not Sorry To See Maggi Go, But What Of Other Brands?

"She doesn't have anything, except Maggi," complained my cousin. "So, that's what I make for her every day." She was talking about her 5-year-old, who has an inbuilt revulsion towards food, with one exception. Shocked at her confession, I warned my cousin that she was doing more harm than good by feeding her child processed food that contained little other than maida and monosodium glutamate (MSG).
06/06/2015 8:31 AM IST
PUNIT PARANJPE via Getty Images

Life And Death Of Aruna Shanbaug

As Aruna Shanbaug's body, bedecked with flowers, was cremated in the afternoon, scores of people gathered to pay their last respects. Many saw her death as an end to unbearable misery. But for others, including her caregivers, there was always a tiny bit of life in her.
21/05/2015 8:01 AM IST
Rupali Mehra

On A Date With The Man Dating 365 Women

Sunder's 'Project365', as I call it, is ambitious for any man in this day and age. And when the fine print says no going dutch - his date will have to foot the bill - Project365 seems all the more a herculean task.
25/04/2015 8:18 AM IST

The Vada Pav Wars And Two Masterchefs

If it weren't for the pow-vow (pun intended) between two Masterchefs of Mumbai--Mr Fadnavis, a head chef in his cabinet and a certain Ms Shobhaa De known for her acerbic tongue--the 'Vada Pav Wars' would never have gotten this kind of publicity.
17/04/2015 7:59 AM IST
Vogue India

Her Voice. Her Choice.

Soon after Vogue released the 2-minute film, the initial congratulatory tones turned cynical in no time. Many questioned the purpose of the film--was it to educate, liberate or infuriate?
04/04/2015 8:08 AM IST

The World Is Spinning: Blame It On Eve

So deep-rooted is this characterisation that when a man doesn't live up to expectations of society, the finger first points at the closest woman--his mother didn't teach him, his girlfriend influenced him, his wife changed him.
28/03/2015 8:13 AM IST
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Ladies, How About A Men's Day?

Why shouldn't a man be made to feel special on a particular day. Why shouldn't he be showered with discount offers at stores, salons and spas. Why shouldn't he get a free dessert with every meal he orders. Why shouldn't he be allowed to share poems and songs celebrating his manhood.
11/03/2015 8:17 AM IST