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Ruchira Ghosh

Regional Director, South Asia, Cambridge International Examinations

Ruchira Ghosh is the Regional Director (South Asia) for Cambridge International Examinations. She has over 15 years of experience in the education sector with in-depth understanding of project management (educational programs), content development, marketing and communications and relationship management. As the Regional Director for South Asia at Cambridge International Examinations she lead responsibility for the strategic expansion and strengthening of Cambridge school qualifications and its related programmes and services in the South Asia region that includes India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and Afghanistan. Her key responsibilities include facilitating quality assurance and quality enhancement of the existing Cambridge schools and programmes; identifying opportunities for initiating new school quality improvement initiatives; relationship management with ministries, school associations, universities and exploring new collaborations with associates and partners including the British Council. Prior to Cambridge International Examinations, Ruchira was the Head of Business Development (schools) for British Council in India. She was with British Council for close to 12 years. Ruchira has done her Masters in Social Work (Medical and Psychiatric) from Tata Institute of Social Sciences and a Bachelors in Arts (Sociology) from Delhi University.
Teachers Are The Architects Of Our

Teachers Are The Architects Of Our Society

Good teaching stretches, challenges and pushes learners to discover more. And motivated learners become the leaders of our society. On the occasion of Teachers’ Day in India, we celebrate and congratulate all teachers who are putting their best foot forward to help shape our young learners’ thoughts and ideas, guiding them on their learning journeys to discover and achieve, while never forgetting that they themselves are lifelong learners.
02/09/2016 3:26 PM IST