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Ruchi Hajela

Researcher, freelance writer

I am a researcher, freelance writer and mother of a chatty toddler. Born and raised in New Delhi (India), I now live near London, attempting to adjust to life in the UK. It's a journey that hasn't been easy but I am enjoying the 'DIY' approach to life in Britain. In my previous avatar as a journalist with Hindustan Times, I interviewed top global executives with ease but these days I struggle to answer my toddler’s never ending questions.

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Virtual Mohallas: How Facebook Groups Empower Migrant Indian Women In The UK

I first moved abroad in 2010 and made some lovely friends from all over the world. Still, I longed to have Indian friends just to have a sense of familiarity in an unknown country. Fast forward to 2015. I have discovered Facebook groups targeted at migrant Indian women living in the UK that allow womenfolk from different walks and stages of life to connect with each other and seek advice on everyday matters.
21/07/2015 8:11 AM IST