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Roland Chan

Senior Director, Compliance Programs – Asia-Pacific at BSA | The Software Alliance

Roland Chan oversees BSA’s communications and compliance marketing programs, and supports enforcement and public policy initiatives across the Asia-Pacific region. As part of a global team that works closely with the world’s most innovative companies and drives advocacy for the global software industry before governments and in the international marketplace, Chan directs BSA’s education programs, which are designed to increase public awareness of foundational issues for the digital economy and society, such as cybersecurity, privacy, cloud computing, copyright laws, advocate the benefits of legal software use and responsible software management, and promote software asset management as a model practice that fosters organizational productivity and IT security.

Prior to joining BSA in 1998, Chan was an executive director of Extol Corporation, an information security software solutions development company and BSA member in Malaysia. His notable successes at Extol included a four-fold expansion in size in its operations over four years, securing a sponsorship deal to supply information security solutions to the XVI Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur, and the MSC-status awards of two Extol subsidiaries in the Multimedia Super Corridor. Extol's main product line was an anti-virus solution which was sold worldwide, with notable users as far as the US Department of Defense and the US Department of Energy.

Chan began his career as a trainee management consultant with Keyse Poulter Searle Rebbeck, a management consultancy practice in London, before returning to Asia in 1992.

Chan earned a Master of Science in automotive engineering at Cranfield Institute of Technology (UK) [now known as Cranfield University] and a Master in Business Administration from the University of Bradford Management Centre (UK). Chan received his Bachelor of Science degree with honours in mechanical engineering from the University of Bradford (UK).
Unlicensed Software Could Make You A Target Of Cyber

Unlicensed Software Could Make You A Target Of Cyber Attacks

Companies leave themselves exposed to significant cyber risk by not addressing the use of unlicensed software on their computer networks. According to the Global Software Survey by BSA|The Software Alliance, many CIOs simply don't know how much software employees are installing on company networks. CIOs estimate that 15% of their employees load software on the network without their company's knowledge -- however, nearly double that percentage of workers say they are loading software on the network that their company doesn't know about.
09/06/2016 8:37 AM IST