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Rohit Vohra


Rohit Vohra is one of Asia’s most prominent street photographers. He has been shooting the streets for over 12 years. He is on the judging panel of numerous international photography awards. An official Fuji X photographer, his photographs are often about contact with humans and basic living elements. He currently lives and works from India.

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Stolen Serenity In Varanasi

Stolen Serenity In Varanasi [Photos]

What can be said about a city that is older than legend itself? Chaotic yet serene, Varanasi is one of the oldest and the most continuously populated cities in the world. A city full of people brought up amid a cacophony of ancient history, myths and religion.
03/08/2016 11:51 AM IST
Photoblog: Catching A Breath In Hong

Photoblog: Catching A Breath In Hong Kong

Amid the motion and commotion of the city, I saw people pausing to grab a smoke, to check messages, to get momentarily lost in private thoughts, to eat a thoughtful breakfast, to catch a quick nap in the city that never sleeps. These pictures are a series of stolen moments, the in-between moments, from the lives of the people of Hong Kong.
14/04/2016 8:03 AM IST
PHOTOS: Preparing For A Black And Blue Lathmar

PHOTOS: Preparing For A Black And Blue Lathmar Holi

There is anticipation in the air, tinged with just a smidgeon of trepidation. The men of Barsana and Nandgaon know that they're in for their annual beating at the hands of the local women. These are behind-the-scenes photographs of the men preparing themselves for the fight.
24/03/2016 12:04 AM IST
PHOTOS: Pieces Of Kolkata's

PHOTOS: Pieces Of Kolkata's Heart

These black-and-white photos, shot on the iPhone 6s using the Hipstamatic app, capture what I see as the heart of Kolkata, or at least glorious fragments of it.
19/03/2016 8:33 AM IST