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Rohit Kumar


Rohit Kumar is an educator who conducts community-building workshops for high school students and teachers. His mission is to increase the Emotional Quotient of his audiences and to end bullying in classrooms. Rohit has more than two decades of experience conducting high-impact personal development workshops and training seminars across domains. He is also deeply concerned about underprivileged children in India and conducts unique social development programmes for marginalized children. Rohit has authored 'Tales from the Jail - Christmas in Tihar & Other Stories.' ( )

A Schoolteacher's Heartfelt Letter To Google

A Schoolteacher's Heartfelt Letter To Parents

Dear Mr. and Mrs. _____________, Greetings! I'm writing to you as a teacher, as someone who has taught your child, and also as someone who knows what it is like to bring up a child. I know what it is...
12/06/2017 8:50 AM IST
How To Take Over A Country In 10 Easy Ian McKinnell via Getty Images

How To Take Over A Country In 10 Easy Steps

So how does one take over a country in the 21st century? It's a lot simpler than you might think. The great European banker, Mayer Rothschild, summed it up beautifully when he said, "Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who writes the laws" All you need is money, honey. Once you have the cash in hand, here is a simple 10-step guide.
30/05/2016 3:40 PM IST
This May Help You Make Sense Of Donald Trump's Bravo via Getty Images

This May Help You Make Sense Of Donald Trump's Popularity

And if you, like me, have been wondering just how in the world Trump (and others in a similar mould) manage to rise to power, you may find The True Believer - Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements by social philosopher Eric Hoffer particularly illuminating. In this critically acclaimed work, Hoffer lays bare the thoughts, emotions, and justifications that go through the minds of the masses who coalesce to make a movement.
19/05/2016 9:04 AM IST
Finding My Strength In Paper Boat Creative via Getty Images

Finding My Strength In Loss

This has been a grim fortnight. Four people I know have died in the last 14 days. What was the message I was meant to take away from the events of the fortnight? That life is a journey towards death? That death is life's ultimate reality? That we never know when death comes and so we should stop stressing, start living? Probably. Then, a fresh thought came to me unbidden, unsought. It came with such calmness and clarity that I wrote it down...
03/05/2016 8:26 AM IST
My Evening With The Anti-Nationals Of Rohit Kumar

My Evening With The Anti-Nationals Of JNU

I was watching Patiala High Court lawyers beat 'Kingpin Kanhaiya' live on TV when my phone rang. A friend of mine wanted to know if I'd like to go along for an 'open class' on nationalism at JNU. One Professor Gopal Guru (no relation of Afzal, I was assured) was going to address a gathering. Though I realized this was probably going to be risky business -- police, protestors, et al -- I decided to go. Because at some point, you just have to check things out for yourself.
24/02/2016 7:09 AM IST