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Richa Gupta

Traveler. Storyteller. Aspiring anti-consumerist. In love with all things local.

Richa is a traveler, writer and a freelance social media strategist. She likes to immerse herself in living cultures and unique experiences with special focus on responsible traveling. She has been published in National Geographic Traveller, New Indian Express and Platform. She blogs at and can be reached on her social media channels: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Why I Steer Clear Of Women-Only Travel

Why I Steer Clear Of Women-Only Travel Services

Have we, as a society, come a pass where we need exclusive hotels and taxis for women to feel safe? Are we trying to say that because we cannot control harassment on the roads, let's safeguard women in these enclosures? Are we reiterating that women are not safe in general coaches, hotels and taxis driven by men?
06/12/2015 9:44 AM IST