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Rhucha Kulkarni

Writer and Poet, HR Professional, Photographer

An HR professional by day job and avid reader, photographer, writer, poet, traveler, nature lover and music enthusiast. I enjoy freezing in time moments through my words and my inspire and captivate the creative mind ! <br> <br> When at leisure, you can find me engrossed in my own thoughts as I soak in the fluttering of feathered friends of my locality, while enjoying a piping hot chai.
Solo Female Travel: To Go Or Not To

Solo Female Travel: To Go Or Not To Go?

As you finally broach the topic of setting out solo, there's a sequence of reactions from the family. It starts with the calm before the storm, an air of hushed incomprehension. Then the eyebrows go up a fraction. And then all hell breaks loose. There are cackles of disbelief, wails of lament. <em>How can our daughter even think this way? Could a demon have possessed her?</em> Hope is reposed in divine forces. <em>God will help us, he will cure her of these unholy thoughts.</em>
01/09/2015 8:16 AM IST