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Reshmi Kazi

Security analyst, writer and traveler

Reshmi Kazi is an Associate Fellow in the Institute for Defence Studies & Analyses. She specializes on issues related to India's Nuclear Doctrine, nuclear security,nuclear non proliferation and nuclear disarmament.
Why India Should Continue to Push For NSG Yuji Sakai via Getty Images

Why India Should Continue to Push For NSG Membership

With the prospects of India's immediate participation in the Nuclear Suppliers Group getting blocked, there are emerging questions as to what now and what next. Is this a permanent setback or should India continue to pitch for NSG entry as a participating government? Is India willing to undertake additional responsibilities by way of "entry fee" into the NSG? While India's admittance into the NSG will not accrue it stupendous advantages, entry into the export control group is nevertheless coveted for some good reasons.
28/06/2016 8:35 AM IST