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Reeta Gupta

Content specialist, Brand advocacy, Films.

Reeta Gupta is one of India's most sought-after content;strategists, with a special focus on health, education, philanthropy and sustainable development.

Her team at The Network, delivers influencer-led, content-based campaigns in both  traditional and social media.

The Network has a unique media relationship ability. We partner with brands, individuals and NGOs and build their image in multiple ways.

At an individual level, Reeta Gupta is a social evangelist, with a deep interest in human rights.

She has led advocacy campaigns for organisations such as 

1. The Beti Bachao Beti Padhao campaign of the Ministry of Women & Child, Government of India.

2. The MCGM's TB campaign supported by TISS and Tata Power.

3. A day in the life of a wheelchair

4. A book never runs out of battery

Articles from her blog and are often reproduced in international journals and compilations on content marketing and brand building. She has also been a contributor to the Economic Times & Business India in the past.

Kangana Vs. Hrithik In Cold Hard STRDEL via Getty Images

Kangana Vs. Hrithik In Cold Hard Numbers

As Kangana Ranaut receives yet another National Award, for yet another superlative performance, we took a look at her brand monitor and that of her alleged former lover and current bête noire Hrithik Roshan. Luckily, opinions are passé. There's data to evaluate everything. First, a little bit of old world wisdom. When two people fight, the winner is always someone else.
07/05/2016 8:17 AM IST
Aamir Khan And Brand Reeta Gupta

Aamir Khan And Brand Intolerance

Aamir Khan has no brand endorsements left in his kitty. Ostensibly because of his recent statement on 'intolerance'. Do you think an intelligent, successful man like Aamir 'forgot' to consider the consequences of his statement? Highly unlikely.
12/02/2016 8:10 AM IST
Where Are Your Stories, Brand Indian Armed Reeta Gupta

Where Are Your Stories, Brand Indian Armed Forces?

Brands like the British Army's Special Air Services (SAS), the US Navy's Sea, Air and Land Teams (SEALs) and Israeli Shayetet13 have been built on stories. They are "dangerous". Their training is rigorous, with high dropout rates. It is all part of their folklore. The Indian military has not even taken baby steps to build its brand.
25/01/2016 8:22 AM IST