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Ravi Narayan

Director, Microsoft Ventures India

Ravi Narayan is the Director at Microsoft Ventures India, the leading startup accelerator in APAC. Prior to Microsoft, Ravi was the Managing Director at Mentor Partners, a Seed Fund based in Bangalore, which he established as a brand name in India and Southeast Asia. An alumnus of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras, and an MBA from the University of Southern California, Ravi has been an entrepreneur, mentor and investor most of his career. He is a black-belt in martial arts, and enjoys meditating and Tai Chi. Following his return to India from the United States, Ravi lives with his family in Bangalore.
SEBI's Sweetener For Start-ups: Don't Pop The Champagne

SEBI's Sweetener For Start-ups: Don't Pop The Champagne Yet

The boost offered to start-ups by the Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI) is a good move to encourage new enterprises to list in India. It holds the promise of providing start-ups with alternative routes to capital, relaxation in disclosure norms of funds accumulated, simplified bidding, e-IPO, lock-in of entire pre-issue capital and definition of promoters. These measures are very positive and indicate more progressive thinking within the SEBI and other governmental organisations. But it may not be enough, unless several other associated measures are put in place as well.
08/07/2015 12:56 PM IST