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Rana Dasgupta

Novelist and essayist

Rana Dasgupta is a British novelist and essayist based in New Delhi. His most recent book is <em>Capital: The Eruption of Delhi</em>.
Why A Nation Cannot Be Reduced To A

Why A Nation Cannot Be Reduced To A Territory

The Indian media accepts with laughable readiness the legitimacy of the phrase "anti-India slogans", as if it really referred to something meaningful. But the category itself is childish--as is demonstrated by its frequent schoolyard justification ("They are friends with our enemy"). It is not simply that debates about territorial issues should be a normal part of national conversation. It is also that the Constitution of India explicitly protects these debates and all others, so rendering meaningless the whole hysterical construction of Indians making "anti-Indian" statements.
01/03/2016 4:30 PM IST
19-Century Anarchists, Western Capitalism, And The Paris

19-Century Anarchists, Western Capitalism, And The Paris Attacks

Attacks by anarchists on political and civil targets created persistent anxiety in Paris throughout the 1890s. They arose from a theory of the "propaganda of the deed", according to which spectacular acts of assault would seize media attention and so galvanise others who shared the feeling that modern society had become intolerable. Such violence wreaked by French citizens (and other Europeans) on the everyday fabric of French society all but disappeared during the 20th century... But in the 21st century, Paris has learned that lost feeling again, this time on a more terrible scale.
20/01/2016 3:35 PM IST