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Rajesh A

Executive Director, LabourNet Services India Private Limited

Rajesh's vision for LabourNet is to set up a network of Employment, Education & Employability centres across India. At these centres, trainees and candidates will be assessed, counselled, trained, and certified - irrespective of their educational qualification and sector and segment in which they work/wan t to work.

He believes that the choice of opportunity should be given to all and dreams of linking youth from far flung cities/towns to work by linking various stakeholders like Government, educational institutes, assessment/training/ recruitment companies & NGO's to match the resourceful employment aspirations of rural and urban jobs seekers to productive manpower requirements of organized and unorganized corporate sectors.

Prior to this, Rajesh AR was one of the co- founders of Teamlease (India's largest staffing company) and had driven the Employment Generation (entry, middle and leadership) & manpower sourcing activities across the country. He was also the Head of Employment Services Division of Manipal Global. Rajesh holds a B.Tech degree in Mechanical engineering from Mahatma Gandhi University & an MBA from Goa Institute of Management.
8 Essential Dimensions Of Skills ASSOCIATED PRESS

8 Essential Dimensions Of Skills Training

How can we ensure that skilling courses really equip learners with on-the-job skills and prepare them to be productive from day one? To answers these questions, we need to consider skill development as a holistic endeavour that provides a "work integrated learning experience" and bridges the gap between education and employment. Let's look at some of the key aspects that contribute to holistic design and delivery of skill/ competency-based training programmes and other initiatives that form a part of vocational education interventions.
04/06/2015 8:25 AM IST