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Rajeev Nayar

Associate Vice-President, Head of Big Data and Architecture, Infosys

Rajeev Nayar heads the Architecture & Big Data as part of the DNA (Data and Analytics) unit at Infosys. He has more than 22 years of experience in information management. His key areas of focus now are big data analytics and extreme data processing, which deals with very large-scale data solutions. His works spans multiple vertical areas and has helped guide the development of a patented solution for big data at Infosys. He has presented at a number of conferences and co-authored a book on big data titled 'Big Data Spectrum.'
How Big Data Analytics Touches Everything In Your

How Big Data Analytics Touches Everything In Your Life

Big Data analytics is not going to affect every aspect of our life with a sign that says 'Big Data At Work'. It is like electricity, a fundamental utility that impacts us through its ability to change the way we think, act and make decisions.
01/07/2016 8:31 AM IST