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Rahul Tongia

Fellow at Brookings India and Adj. Professor at Carnegie Mellon University

Dr. Rahul Tongia is a scholar of technology and policy, and a Fellow at Brookings India and Adj. Professor at Carnegie Mellon University.
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Save Me Technology, For I Have (Energy) Sinned

Unfortunately, in recent times the emphasis has shifted from reducing the demand of power in India through efficiency to increasing its supply. Except for limited exceptions, numerous studies have shown that people worldwide are under-investing in energy efficient products. While some of this may be due to lack of awareness, much of the problem stems from misaligned incentives -- for utilities, selling more "product" (electricity) is their measure of success (and profits).
16/08/2016 7:09 PM IST
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Over-Ruled: Why Maximum Governance Must Start With Minimizing Certain Rules

Some time ago, I missed my grandfather's funeral because an airline's manager hid behind rules. No, I wasn't asking him to break any rules, but he didn't let me fly despite there being empty seats, my pleading to please charge me any price he wanted, and my being at the airport almost 1.5 hours before the scheduled departure. In my case, the impact was emotional, but in other cases, silly, inconsistent, or just plain bad rules can mean lives lost.
16/02/2016 8:24 AM IST
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How A 99% Accurate Medical Test Can be Wrong Most Of The Time

Recently, a man who tested positive for HIV and believed his family also had the disease decided to execute a murder-suicide pact. His wife and children died, but he survived. When he was re-tested, the test came back negative. Was the original test faulty? NO! A test that is 99% accurate can show an incorrect result most of the time. More than just a misunderstanding of statistics, there were also issues of misinformation. And those who should have known better (medics and technicians) perhaps didn't do what they should have.
02/04/2015 8:12 AM IST