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Rahul Puri

Managing Director at Mukta Arts and Head-Academics, Whistling Woods International

Rahul Puri born in Neath, UK a graduate of Kings College London, spent almost three years at UBS Warburg in London in corporate finance, working on international transactions worth up to US$10 billion. These included the merger of Publicis with Saachi and Saachi and the IPO of Dentsu Advertising in Japan. After moving to Mumbai in 2002, he joined Ambit Corporate Finance and soon after Nimbus Communications. In 2003, he joined Mukta Arts Limited as Vice President - Finance and Strategy and has been involved in the development of the company and the production and release of numerous films. He is now the MD at Mukta Arts and Head-Academics, Whistling Woods International.
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I come from a family where both my parents were doctors but that doesn't mean I shall be setting up a clinic somewhere and doling out advice because I have 'seen my parents do it'.
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