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Rahul Bedi


Rahul Bedi is associated with NK Sharma Group. He loves to write about latest trends on home improvements, real estate and green energy. He believes that written words speaks for themselves.

5 Essentials Every Indian Home Must Have

It is no longer enough to buy a comfy sofa or two, a large bed, and a few appliances to make a home truly liveable. And if you're constructing a house, you need to think beyond cement and paint and square footage.
06/07/2015 1:27 PM IST
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6 Smart Technologies To Make Indian Homes Smarter

Consider the scenario - a device that keeps your house at just the right temperature, a mirror that lets you watch the morning news as you brush your teeth or a coffee table that doubles up as an entertainment system. The concept of a "smart home" is all the rage and you can hop on to the bandwagon today -- all you need are a healthy bank balance and a few cutting-edge gadgets.
29/05/2015 8:29 AM IST