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Raghuraj Sunder

Founder & CEO, HealthPlix

Raghuraj attended RVCE Bangalore, where he graduated with a degree in Computer Science engineering. Always the kind who explored new avenues to challenge himself, in 2005 he joined Nokia’s newly formed Symbian team in Bangalore after a stint at Honeywell. While working with Nokia and thereafter at Ittiam and Huawei, he personally developed, deployed and sold products in the mobile domain. This helped him learn the nuances involved in converting an idea into reality by building products and rolling them out to millions of users across the world. He then earned his MBA from National University of Singapore.

As an entrepreneur, Raghuraj is passionate about shaping the healthcare of tomorrow in India. He strongly believes that Indian healthcare sector is a laggard when it comes to technology adoption for improving care. This changed a bit with the success of several healthcare tech startups providing horizontal offerings. But the gap in using the power of technology for improving care is still unmet.

He understands that the part of the problem is with the technologists who have been building products by having a "one-size-fits-all” belief. Instead, the way to make technology relevant beyond the horizontal services is by going vertical and disease specific.

Having seen first hand the evolution and eventual ubiquity of smartphones, he understands the power of mobile devices in solving problems that affect the millions of people. With Diabetes becoming a major public health crisis not only in India but world over, he is focused on bringing in a paradigm change in the way diabetes can be managed better through technology.

At HealthPlix he focuses on building technology that helps doctors in personalizing care for their chronic patients which results in improved outcomes - an important step aimed at helping millions of patients reduce the risk of health complications and thus add more healthy years to their lives!
How Tech Start-Ups Are Transforming The Treatment Of Chronic Health Jamie Grill via Getty Images

How Tech Start-Ups Are Transforming The Treatment Of Chronic Health Issues

Chronic diseases are a huge and growing problem in India -- 20% of the adult population in the country has at least one potentially fatal chronic condition, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and/or hypertension. But there is a bigger tragedy hidden in plain sight -- the majority of mortalities associated with chronic conditions could have been avoided through better management.
26/05/2016 8:12 AM IST