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Radha Kapoor

Founder and Executive Director of the Indian School of Design and Innovation

Radha Kapoor is the Founder and Executive Director of the Indian School of Design and Innovation, ISDI. ISDI is located in Mumbai and was established in 2013 in association with Radha’s alma mater, Parsons The New School of Design, New York.

ISDI benefits from Parsons’ rigorous curriculum, its prominent visiting faculty, well established student exchanges and global relationships. With creativity, innovation and sustainability at the core of ISDI’s philosophy, ISDI is at the forefront of Indian design creating new career opportunities in design and other creative industries.

Radha is a young and dynamic entrepreneur with diverse interests driven by her creative passions. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a major in Communication Design.

In 2009 Radha launched DO IT CREATIONS as a holding umbrella company to conceptualize and promote new creative and innovative concepts.
To unleash her creative skills, Radha formed BRAND CANVAS, an innovative way of bringing art into the workplace. BRAND CANVAS uses innovative techniques to understand the brand ethos of an organization, which it then translates into designs that have an appropriate look, tone of voice and psychology for the workplace. This is achieved with Art imbued with meaning Graphic wall art Wall murals Decorative paintings Panel designs Framed art Video installations as well as Super Installations.

DO IT CREATIONS also recently acquired a majority stake in ‘Business World’, resulting in Radha joining the magazine's board. Radha is on the YNG Board (YPO NEXT GENERATION) as Education Chair. Of her more recent and diverse interests, Radha has taken a stake in the Pro Kabaddi League, as owner of the Delhi franchise and the India Hockey League as the Mumbai franchise.

Previously Radha also backed the market entry of Spanish premium dry cleaning chain Pressto into India as an angel investor. Pressto currently operates in Mumbai and Delhi with 25 Retail stores.

Radha’s Father, Rana Kapoor is the Founder & CEO of YES Bank Ltd., a new age, state-of-the-art Private Indian Bank which commenced operations in 2004 and has now completed 10+ years of successful performance.
Her Mother, Bindu is a Homemaker, and her two Sisters – Raakhe graduated from Wharton, U-Penn, Philadelphia (now married), and her youngest sister Roshini is now studying Business Management at the Warwick Business School, UK.
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