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Rachna Parmar

Content Strategist and Writer, Award-winning Blogger and Mom

Rachna Parmar is an award-winning blogger, an enthusiastic cook, wife, fitness freak, Yoga enthusiast and mother to two naughty sons and a Labrador. She is also a freelance Content Writer and an entrepreneur. She counts reading, writing, cooking, fitness, Yoga and social causes among her passions. You can follow her on her blog, Twitter (@rachnaparmar) and Facebook.
A Comprehensive Guide To The ₹500/1000 Currency

A Comprehensive Guide To The ₹500/1000 Currency Swap

On 8 November, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced one of the biggest monetary reforms that India has seen. Effective from midnight that very night, all ₹500 and ₹1000 notes were going to cease to...
10/11/2016 1:57 PM IST
Congrats, Your Child's A Teenager -- And You're Enemy No. Neil Webb via Getty Images

Congrats, Your Child's A Teenager -- And You're Enemy No. 1

You know what tests your patience even more than travelling via the traffic-clogged Silk Board in Bangalore? Parenting a teen! Every day is like a permanent roller-coaster ride. Your perfectly fine, obedient child is now rebellious, moody, weepy, questions everything you say and is generally the epitome of obnoxiousness. To add to your woes, they suddenly gain inches. You feel even more intimidated as they glare down at you.
14/06/2016 8:28 AM IST
Women And Ambition: It's Time We Let The Twain ASSOCIATED PRESS

Women And Ambition: It's Time We Let The Twain Meet

Our society does not really nurture ambitious women. They are depicted in movies as selfish and quite possibly evil, neglecting home and hearth for personal gain. At work too, they may be written off for challenging roles after marriage because of their family responsibilities. There are many such stereotypes that prevent a woman from reaching out and achieving her full professional potential. I have been there too.
08/03/2016 8:12 AM IST
Sharing With Strangers: The Truth About Facebook Jan Kranendonk via Getty Images

Sharing With Strangers: The Truth About Facebook ‘Friends'

I have had a few unsavoury incidents with "friends" on Facebook that led me to some introspection. Facebook, for one, is much more personal than say Twitter. On Twitter everything is public, so when I post I am mindful of the fact that my audience could be just about anyone. But on Facebook, you have the option of not interacting with the public at large. Hence you have your "friends", a cosy cocoon where you feel free to showcase your best and your worst. Therein lies the problem.
20/11/2015 9:15 AM IST
5 Gifts You Must Avoid Giving This uniquely india via Getty Images

5 Gifts You Must Avoid Giving This Diwali

Diwali is almost synonymous with gifts these days. Gifts, actually, are beautiful. They convey to the receiver that you were on their minds, invested time in thinking what they would like and have gone out of your way to buy those things. However, most of us would agree that Diwali gifts hardly fall in this bracket. More often than not they range from the clueless to the stupid and even bordering on insulting.
10/11/2015 11:59 PM IST
My Secret Tom Merton via Getty Images

My Secret Superpower

I was sitting and chatting with the husband over a cup of tea when his mobile phone rang. One minute into the conversation, in a honey-drenched voice he said to the person at the other end, "Why don't...
06/10/2015 2:16 PM IST