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Pushparaj Deshpande

Analyst, Indian National Congress.

Educated at the Doon School, Dehradun, St. Stephen's College, DU, and Oxford University, Pushparaj has worked on legislation and policy with various MPs, the Rajiv Gandhi Institute for Contemporary Studies and Rajya Sabha TV. He is currently with the ​Indian National Congress and frequently write for various media outlets.
A Reminder Of The True Meaning Of

A Reminder Of The True Meaning Of Hinduism

People conveniently overlook the first verse of the Ishopanishad that Gandhi described as "the whole essence of Hinduism". The relevant part reads thus: <em>"Ishavasyamid sarva yaktichh jagatya jagat"</em> (all that we see in this universe is pervaded by God). If S/He exists in everything, and everyone, are these vile attacks [against those who are different] not assaults on God?
08/06/2016 8:34 AM IST