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Priya Ravichandran

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Priya Ravichandran is an alumni of The Takshashila Institution. She has a masters degree in International Affairs and Public Policy from the US. She has worked as a programme manager for Takshashila Institution's Graduate Certificate in Public Policy Programme. She has previously taught Race, Class, and Gender in the US and Intro to Politics to undergraduates in the US. She has written for Pragati-The Indian National Interest Review, Mint and DNA. She blogs at Aequalis on Gender relations, National Interest issues and Balochistan.
8 Steps That Would Ensure A Successful Induction Of Women In Combat ASSOCIATED PRESS

8 Steps That Would Ensure A Successful Induction Of Women In Combat Roles

Integrated armed forces have been functioning effectively and without any loss of power in various countries for years now. An integrated army will be much more flexible and the increase in strength will address the issue of shortages that has plagued the forces for decades now. The increase in diversity within the organizations, will mean greater capacity to handle various kinds of work and address staff shortages in critical areas.
15/06/2015 8:12 AM IST
Balochistan And The Silencing Of Sabeen ASSOCIATED PRESS

Balochistan And The Silencing Of Sabeen Mahmud

Sabeen Mahmud, a social and human rights activist, was shot and killed in Karachi on 24 April. She was killed a few hours after hosting a discussion about the "disappeared people" of Balochistan. Her murder was meant as a warning to people daring to discuss the province. However, the history of Balochistan is a signal that it will not be silenced.
01/05/2015 8:19 AM IST