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Priya Krishnan

CEO, KLAY Schools

Priya Krishnan is the CEO of KLAY Schools which she founded in 2011. Priya grew up in Mumbai. She has an MBA from London Business School after which she started her career in consulting and then worked with a larger IT outsourcer called Mphasis. In her last role, she used to head up the European Business for Mphasis. She has also worked in various leadership positions with Anderson Consulting and Mphasis across Singapore, New York, London and India. She moved back to India in the second half of 2010 from the UK and started up Klay in July 2011. They now have 52 centres across the country and are have 2 predominant models: in-house daycares for corporates and community preschools and daycares close to the workplace or home. She thinks working with adults is overrated, stating that working with young children is an amazing and enriching experience. Since KLAY has a country-wide operation, she ends up travelling 6-7 days in a month to the cities they operate in - Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad and Bangalore.