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Priya Garg

Law Student, West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences

Law Student, West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences. 
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‘You’re So Hardworking But You Just Don’t Have The Brains’

I remember that throughout my life as a student and as a topper, people have called me hardworking, ambitious, determined, confident. But no one in my life, like literally, no one, ever, called me “intelligent”, “intellectual” or “smart”. I remember how I once felt extremely bad for a week when my favourite maths teacher told another student to take a cue from my hardworking nature, adding that it was only the effort I put in that allowed me to score 99% marks.
02/08/2016 2:48 PM IST

Delhi Equality Bill 2016: Why We Need To Be Discriminating About Anti-Discrimination

The Delhi Equality Bill aims to establish a comprehensive, multi-ground, single, anti-discriminatory legislation which imposes legal obligations of non-discrimination upon public as well as private entities. Such a law is required due to the inadequacy of the anti-discriminatory provisions under the Constitution. This Bill, however, remains a poorly drafted legislation for the following reasons.
22/07/2016 11:46 AM IST