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Prem Panicker



The Daily Mail Expose On Temple Elephants Is Shocking, And Wrong

As a Keralite, and a Hindu who has visited the temple on a few occasions, my reaction to this article would be bewildered amusement.But as a journalist and editor, my reaction is far more visceral. I have many problems with this piece - beginning with the fictions, the distortions and the exaggerations. Only some of them are cataloged above; all of them are examples of journalism so shockingly inept that they can be disproved given a functioning internet connection and a few minutes of time.
19/08/2015 7:17 PM IST
Hindustan Times via Getty Images

The Jagmohan Dalmiya Whitewash

So Jagmohan Dalmiya is back as BCCI president (this time, without the limiting "interim" preceding the designation) -- and he will hold the post until 2017 thanks to a September 2012 amendment of the BCCI constitution which mandates three year terms for all office-bearers.
03/03/2015 10:56 AM IST