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Preetam Kaushik


Preetam Kaushik is a Mumbai-based Journalist and editor who focuses on culture, business, politics and economy. A former Freelance Mumbai Correspondent for Business Insider India and Freelance Journalist for,his work has been published by The Times of India, Economic Times, WIRED, and World Economic Forum. His written articles have been frequently cited by the mainstream media outlets such as The Washington Post, Economic Times, Yahoo Finance etc.
Monica Lewinsky's Liberation From The Shame

Monica Lewinsky's Liberation From The Shame Game

Monica Lewinsky's starting point was exactly where her life met with a roadblock. The world forgave the 49-year-old President of the United States but it was merciless with a girl who was not much older than a teenager. How does it feel to be judged, recognised for all the wrong reasons and lampooned constantly? Lewinsky herself has answered these questions eloquently in her powerful TED talk, 'The Price of Shame'.
27/03/2015 8:11 AM IST
DDLJ's Societal Shift from 'Runaway

DDLJ's Societal Shift from 'Runaway Brides'

But, what actually transpired was the show of 'values' that leading characters showed. In some ways, it was a ground-breaking film that took a sharp curve from usual 'run away' brides who then come to meet parents with their tales of toiling, and impress them. It was none of that.
10/12/2014 8:11 AM IST