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Pratik Dholakiya

Entrepreneur, Startup Advisor & Creative Marketer

Pratik Dholakiya is the CMO of Barkily, the ultimate dog parenting app. Barkily is a tool that will make the pet parents' and the pet dogs' lives much easier and better. He's passionate about fitness, entrepreneurship, start-ups, and all things marketing. Hit him up on Twitter @DholakiyaPratik for a quick chat on any of these topics.
Is The Web Designer Becoming An Endangered ASSOCIATED PRESS

Is The Web Designer Becoming An Endangered Species?

Need a new logo for your business? Head to a free logo designer app like InstaLogo. Launching a new e-commerce site? Build one yourself for free with a DIY website builder like Spaces. Want custom-designed stationary and merchandise for your business? A web to print tool like Design'N'Buy is your pick. So, where does that leave web designers? Should they be looking for alternative jobs soon? Are web designers really going extinct, like typists and horse buggy drivers? Yes and no.
07/08/2015 8:09 AM IST
4 Types of Content Your Website Needs Justin Lewis via Getty Images

4 Types of Content Your Website Needs NOW

It's every content marketer's worst nightmare. Waking up one morning to realise you have nothing, absolutely nothing to post on your blog/website/social platform today. Panic attack in 3...2...1... Take a deep breath. And read on for inspiration on those scary, overwhelming days. You can also use this list as a handy prioritisation guide for days when you're inundated with more content than you know what to do with.
24/04/2015 8:09 AM IST