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Prateek Kayan

Founder - CEO at Brown Boy. Artist. Design Lover. Serial Entrepreneur. Ex-Banker. Travel Blogger

Prateek is an entrepreneur. He quit is banking job in New York to start the World's Healthiest & Happiest clothing brand - Brown Boy. He switches between Indian & New York and likes to indulge in Photography, Fashion, Art, Design, Travel & Food.

A Perfect Date In New York

Amidst all the chaos of Tinder and when everyone seems to losing hope in the happily-ever-after (just look at Brad and Angelina... we thought they were the real thing), here I am in New York, still cl...
22/09/2016 7:49 PM IST

Why I Used A Transgender Model To Showcase My Fashion Label

Earlier this year I had an opportunity to do a photo shoot with someone who was born male but who identifies as a woman and I did not want her to hide that. I was honoured to photograph her in her element where she embraced my designs in her own way.
14/09/2016 3:55 PM IST
Mark Kauzlarich / Reuters

How A Day In New York Would Look If Life Were A TV Sitcom

You may dream of someday living in New York City. And who can blame you? Every other show on TV depicts its glittery skyline, the beautiful people, the endless brunches. But anyone who has moved to New York City will know what I mean when I say that we were, to some extent, tricked. Below is what a day would look like if those TV myths were real.
09/09/2016 4:10 PM IST
Prateek Kayan

How Majeed Went From Fleeing Syria To Dancing In Berlin

Majeed is like any other nineteen year old, checking out girls, posting selfies on Instagram and flexing his abdominals at the drop of a hat. But the closer you get to him, the more you learn about the rivers and forests he has crossed to get to where he is. For a young boy it has truly been a long way from Syria to Berlin and sadly the journey has just begun.
16/05/2016 8:24 AM IST