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Prasanthi Purusothaman

Junior Doctor, model, writer and photographer

Prasanthi Purusothaman is a junior doctor, model, writer and photographer from Sydney, Australia. Her website, Harping on the Bizarre was born as on outlet for her creativity and journalistic passion. It later served as a memoir of her travels during her time abroad. The blog now serves as a platform for all things pertaining to style, travel and personal improvement. Prasanthi is dedicated to creating inspiring content for her readers and constantly striving towards pushing boundaries. She hopes to encourage women to be multidimensional and live maximally, succeeding in and enjoying every facet of life. You can follow her journey at and on instagram: @ harpingonthebizarre.
The Unfairness Of Being

The Unfairness Of Being Dark-Skinned

I became preoccupied with "westernizing" my appearance, whether that be through wearing coloured contacts from time to time to feel more contextually and appropriately "beautiful", or, of course, slathering my face with cream from the pretty pink tube of Fair and Lovely in the hope my skin would magically get "fairer", like Snow White.
04/06/2016 8:03 AM IST