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Pradeep Baisakh


Pradeep Baisakh is a freelance journalist based in New Delhi. He has eleven years of experience in media and social sector. He has won the national media fellowship from National Foundation for India (NFI) in 2012 and best journalist award from "Jyotishree", a Odia magazine based in Odisha in 2013. He is currently doing a short research in University of California, Irvine. He works with a global campaign: Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP) as the Asia Coordinator. He has written extensively on several issues of people's concern and his pieces have been carried in different Indian and global media.
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2 Years On, Modi Govt Has Stalled On Anti-Corruption Laws, Social Development: Report

As it completes two years in power on 26 May, 2016, the Modi government has accumulated plenty of criticism and a smattering of praise on its performance from civil society. A report released on Monday by Wada Na Todo Abhiyan (WNTA), a conglomerate of civil society groups, delved deep into several areas of governance and gauged the NDA government's performance against its electoral promises.
25/05/2016 8:17 AM IST