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Poorva Joshipura

Chief Executive Officer, PETA India

Poorva Joshipura, 40, is Chief Executive Officer of PETA India and Vice President of International Operations with PETA Foundation.

Campaigns Joshipura has run and led span all areas of PETA India and PETA UK’s work including helping stop cruelty to animals used for meat, leather, experimentation and entertainment. These campaigns have been widely covered by major Indian and British media, as well as media internationally. Joshipura is a regular guest on television news and radio shows through which she encourages viewers and listeners to take actions to help stop cruelty to animals.
The Call To Ban PETA Should Worry PETA INDIA

The Call To Ban PETA Should Worry Everyone

The pro-jallikattu movement has dire consequences, not just for the bulls who are tormented sometimes to death and not just for the more than 5,000 humans who were injured or killed while observing or...
25/01/2017 6:26 PM IST
Clearing Up All The Bull Around Getty Images

Clearing Up All The Bull Around Jallikattu

Now that the Supreme Court of India has confirmed a ban on Jallikattu -- a cruel male entertainment popular in some parts of Tamil Nadu, in which bulls are deliberately chased -- frightened and tormented, proponents of the “sport” are claiming it is somehow essential to the preservation of native cattle breeds. What a bunch of bull!
21/07/2016 12:01 PM IST
It Takes A Really Small Man To Derive Pleasure From ASSOCIATED PRESS

It Takes A Really Small Man To Derive Pleasure From Jallikattu

They purposely disorient the bulls by force-feeding them alcohol; twist and bite their tails; stab and jab them with sickles, spears, knives and sticks; cause them intense pain by yanking their nose ropes; and punch, jump on and drag them to the ground. What is fair, let alone remotely masculine, about this deliberate weakening of animals? It's disgusting and shameful, not macho in the slightest.
14/01/2016 8:31 AM IST
NHRC, Being Speciesist Hurts People PETA Foundation

NHRC, Being Speciesist Hurts People Too

It is deeply irresponsible of the NHRC to make a comparison between two vital social-justice issues and essentially dismiss one in favour of the other, especially when a failure to protect animals often results in a failure to protect humans, too.
18/08/2015 8:12 AM IST
The Elephant In The Room: What Online Attacks On Pamela Anderson Say About Andrea Booher via Getty Images

The Elephant In The Room: What Online Attacks On Pamela Anderson Say About Us

Concerned about the plight of the elephants who were ultimately used at Kerala's recent Thrissur Pooram event, animal-protection advocate and actor Pamela Anderson sent a respectful letter to the Chief Minister of Kerala to contribute the cost of providing life-size, realistic and portable elephants made of bamboo and papier-mâché to replace real ones in the event. While Anderson's heartfelt offer was met with support by some people, others took to social media to post sexually explicit insults and personal attacks.
06/05/2015 8:15 AM IST
Combat Swine Flu by Going ASSOCIATED PRESS

Combat Swine Flu by Going Vegan

You can't get swine flu from eating "properly handled and prepared pork" or avian flu from "properly handled and cooked poultry and eggs", which means that all bets may be off with regard to pork and poultry products that are improperly handled accidentally. As long as people eat meat and eggs, they'll continue to put all of us at risk of contracting swine-origin influenza viruses, avian flu and other potentially deadly illnesses.
15/02/2015 8:22 AM IST
Modi And Obama: Stop Ignoring The Cow In The Allison Joyce via Getty Images

Modi And Obama: Stop Ignoring The Cow In The Room

A recent Oxford University study suggests that people who eat meat are responsible for almost twice as many dietary greenhouse-gas emissions per day as vegetarians and about two-and-a-half times as many emissions as vegans (people who avoid all animal products). In fact, the study found that people who eat more than 3.5 ounces of meat per day--about the size of a deck of playing cards--generate 15.8 pounds of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) each day, while vegetarians and vegans generate 8.4 pounds and 6.4 pounds of CO2e, respectively.
25/01/2015 9:13 AM IST