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Pia Ghosh Roy

Writer and artist

Pia Ghosh Roy is a writer and artist. Her short stories have appeared in journals in the UK and the US. She regularly writes and photographs for <a href="" rel="nofollow">Peppercorns In My Pocket</a>, her personal blog on food, life and the stories in between. <br> <br> Pia grew up in India, before immigrating to the UK. She now lives in Cambridge with her husband and young daughter. She has worked in advertising as a copywriter for many years in Calcutta, Mumbai, Bangalore and London. <br> <br> She is currently working on her first novel.
A Weekend

A Weekend Breakfast

At home, we have cereals, milk and fruit for breakfast every day. But never on a Saturday. Or on a Sunday. It just doesn't feel right. Everything about the weekend needs to be different. Less rushed. Less ordinary.
15/05/2015 8:32 AM IST
Eating Like A Bad

Eating Like A Bad Hindu

Christians pray for their daily bread, the Bengali Hindus pray for their daily fish and weekly mutton, I tell him. Meat is a part of religious festivals like Kali Puja. Choosing a vegetarian dish from a restaurant menu (which I often do) would bring clucks of concern from my Bengali friends and family back in Kolkata. Am I ill? Is it cholesterol (a fond topic)? Have I been warned by a doctor with dire consequences?
08/05/2015 4:08 AM IST