Payal Khare Bhatnagar

Bilingual (English and Hindi) freelance writer-journalist & content provider

I am a media professional with around nine years of experience in writing for electronic and print media, producing TV shows, taking celebrity interviews, and reporting news and feature stories on a variety of topics. I have worked with some renowned media and corporate houses, such as, BAG Films, NDTV, and Crest, in the roles of Correspondent, Associate Producer, and Senior Writer, before moving on to working as a freelance journalist-writer. <br> <br> I have lived in Delhi and Mumbai all these years and am now based out of Pune. <br> <br> More information about me is available on:
Choosing To Live Well After

Choosing To Live Well After Loss

I always thought that I would break down if I lost my parents. Not that my world revolved around them but they formed the centre of it. Nothing seemed more difficult to me than living without them. But here I am. Living, partying, watching movies, setting goals, travelling, attending functions, and looking forward to life.
04/04/2016 2:52 PM IST
Why The Wife In Me Doesn't Care To Question Karva

Why The Wife In Me Doesn't Care To Question Karva Chauth

I do not know how you will label me. Am I the feminist who pays the bills and shares household chores with her husband? Or am I a "typical" Indian woman who at the end of the day submits to the belief that her husband is her God and fasts for him. Here's the thing. When it comes to Karva Chauth, I don't see myself as either a feminist or a traditionalist. Because between the feminist and the "typical" woman, there stands a <em>wife</em> too.
30/10/2015 8:16 AM IST