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Payal Gandhi Hoon

Nuero Linguistic Programming (NLP) specialist

Payal Gandhi Hoon is a Nuero Linguistic Programming (NLP) specialist and L&D professional in the corporate arena for over 13 years.

She is the founder of Tamarai – an emotional wellness training company in Delhi NCR focused towards enabling women to be independent in their thoughts and actions with the use of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). She is also an external committee member against Sexual Harassment with a Law firm. Payal is a theatre enthusiast and finds writing to be fun and therapeutic.

Why So Many Women Are Insecure And What They Can Do About ASSOCIATED PRESS

Why So Many Women Are Insecure And What They Can Do About It

Have you ever been guilty of not sharing some work-related information with a female colleague in order to safeguard your own importance in the workplace? Or withholding your maid's details for fear of losing her services to someone else? Have you considered revealing where you got the new outfit that everyone admired so much? Well, you wouldn't want the world to copy your exact style, would you?
08/03/2015 8:16 AM IST