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Pawanexh Kohli

Chief Advisor & CEO, National Centre for Cold-chain Development (NCCD)

Pawanexh Kohli currently leads NCCD, an autonomous advisory body of the Government of India. An industry leader, he chose to shift into public service to contribute in nation building efforts. Over 30 years of professional expertise spans domains, from international shipping, free trade zones, multi-modal logistics and public policy. The guidelines and the minimum system standards for India’s cold-chain development programs, were authored under his tutelage.

Kohli features in various publications as a thought leader and as expert on many global platforms. His opinions stem from hands on experience in processes, policy development and food logistics systems. An ardent believer in innovation, he seeks those that are pragmatic and lead to environment friendly solutions.
This Is What It Will Take To Double Farmers'

This Is What It Will Take To Double Farmers' Income

The target to double farmers' income will best be served by empowering access to more consumption points (markets). Such access is currently restrained mainly due to physical limitations of the logistics system. What's needed are policy direction to ramp up physical connectivity from farm to consumers, and easing certain regulatory restrictions.
02/06/2016 8:23 AM IST
How Cold-Chain Can Minimize Food

How Cold-Chain Can Minimize Food Loss

Food loss can be reduced by ensuring that all the harvested produce reaches its intended end-use. This means that food delivery mechanisms must also aim to counter the perishable nature of food, to extend its saleable life cycle. Cold-chain is the mechanism that does this.
09/05/2016 8:05 AM IST
Fire Saved Our Ancestors. Today We Need

Fire Saved Our Ancestors. Today We Need Ice

Around 900,000 years ago, fire was first brought into our homes. This coincided with a peak in glacial activity, and probably helped the genus Homo to survive. This was the period of Homo Erectus, who went on to evolve into us. But today, more than ever, we need to harness the power of <em>ice</em>, of cold.
24/01/2016 12:04 AM IST
Smart Supply Systems Are Key To Solving Global Food

Smart Supply Systems Are Key To Solving Global Food Crisis

There is no doubt that there exists a global food crisis. Across the world, 795 million people suffer from hunger -- defined as a painful sensation from want of food! What is notable is that this food crisis is most prevalent in producing regions, areas that have a food surplus, not a food shortage. The question is why? Why is it that the producing areas face more hunger?
30/07/2015 8:16 AM IST