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Pawan Bali

Journalist, independent filmmaker, conflict resolution consultant

Pawan Bali is a journalist and an independent filmmaker. For over 12 years, she has worked with leading newspapers and news channels in India including the Indian Express, Times of India and CNN IBN. She has reported on various issues ranging from the conflict in Kashmir, terrorism, human rights, India-Pakistan ties, politics and security. Some of her acclaimed news documentaries include Stone Rage, on the phenomenon of stone-pelting in Kashmir, LOC Express, the story of the bus service between the divided Kashmir, Anna’s Army, the rise of anti-corruption movement in India and Lions of Kargil, the 10 years of Kargil war.

She has also worked with the UK based Conciliation Resources to produce and direct the first collaborative documentary films between the Indian and Pakistani side of Kashmir. The films, Journey Through River Vitasta and Faith Divided, explore the use of filmmaking process in peacebuilding and dialogue.

Pawan has recently completed her Masters in International Peace and Conflict Studies from School of International Service, American University. She is based in Washington D.C, and works as a communication and conflict resolution consultant. Currently, she is working on a documentary film, Journey Into Europe, which explores the contributions and challenges of Islam in Europe.
The Place Of Islam In Europe: New Documentary Calls For Conversation,

The Place Of Islam In Europe: New Documentary Calls For Conversation, Listening

A 120-minute film by Muslim scholar and former diplomat Akbar Ahmed, <em>Journey Into Europe</em>, seeks to explore several layers of Muslim-European identity. The film digs out the rich past of Islam in Europe, it unveils the challenges of the present, and in some heart-warming moments it offers glimpses of hope that humanity will prevail.
15/11/2015 8:21 AM IST
Can India Lead The Global Fight Against Child

Can India Lead The Global Fight Against Child Labour?

The setting -- the base of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C -- was perfect to launch the Meet Up For Childhood Freedom. As the symbol of the anti-slavery movement watched over, a man in a white <em>kurta pyjama</em> made an impassioned plea to fight child labour across the world. He was Kailash Satyarthi, who in 2014 was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his work against child labour. A year later, Satyarthi wants to take the crusade further.
31/07/2015 7:03 PM IST