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Pavan Kachibhatla

CEO & Co-Founder of Bijlipay

Pavan created Bijlipay to revolutionise payments in India and is hard at work to get there. He aims at taking innovative payment solutions to wider India and to make a difference by increasing the total revenues of SMEs and helping the country go cashless. Before this, he spent over 20 years across various verticals spanning hospitality, sports, lifestyle, retail, e-commerce.
Injured By TV, Salved By Cashless

Injured By TV, Salved By Cashless Convenience

A few weeks ago, I underwent arthroscopic surgery on my right shoulder for a ligament tear. Yes, the New Year didn't start on a great note. No, it wasn't from wild partying on New Year's Eve or from the overenthusiastic efforts in the gym that usually follow on January 2nd. I blame it on watching a little too much TV. Really? How is that, you might ask, but we will have to come back to that later.
11/02/2015 8:04 AM IST
How Does India Become A 'Cashless'

How Does India Become A 'Cashless' Country?

For us to really go cashless, one often asks, 'can you pay by card in your local kirana shop?' and the answer today is "Yes", as innovations like mPOS (mobile Point-of-Sale) with their lower costs are being welcomed by both merchants and banks.
14/01/2015 8:10 AM IST