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Paul Fernandes

Illustrator and cartoonist

Paul Fernandes is among India’s better known illustrators and cartoonists. He has written and illustrated many books, including Bangalore, Swinging in the 70s, On a High Note -- a slightly inebriated introduction to Western music; and Shine Board Arts -- an authentic collection of signs of the times in India. Recent work also include the popular poster mural Amchi Mumbai, Fauna and Flora at the Fountain; Bang Bang Bangalore; Sillycon City; The Ambassador of India; and a series of Shine Board posters which have sold thousands of copies across the world.
Memory In Paul Fernandes

Memory In Images

A walk down memory lane to fondly reminisce a gentle, laid-back city life, a time when people walked everywhere and stopped to wish one another, a place where tongas (horse-drawn vehicles) were summoned for long journeys and riding a cycle minus an oil lamp was serious crime.
09/12/2014 8:00 AM IST