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Patrick Ward


Patrick Ward is a journalist based in London. A Bournemouth University graduate, he is currently stationed in Kathmandu for Aftershock Nepal, chronicling the human stories of those affected by the 2015 earthquake. He specialises in crisis, social and political journalism, and has reported from Nepal, Vietnam, India and Palestine.
In Sindupalchowk, It's Like The Earthquake Struck Unnat Sapkota

In Sindupalchowk, It's Like The Earthquake Struck Yesterday

The road was blocked by a large digger, tipping smashed masonry into a truck and villagers worked to clear debris in the pounding midday sun. Dust from the rubble hung heavily in the air. To see the storeys-high piles of bricks, cement and twisted metal, it was difficult to believe that work had gone on for a long time. It looked like the earthquake occurred yesterday, not four months ago.
22/09/2015 8:19 AM IST