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Parul Agrawal

International Bestselling Author, Coach & Publisher, India's Leading Female Online Entrepreneur

Parul Agrawal is a Wellness Expert, Medicinal Juicing Instructor, Blogger, and International Bestselling Author of “Juicing For Healthier Families: Simple, everyday recipes you’ll love- for greater energy, vitality, and a longer life.” Her mission is to educate families and professionals alike about simple, effective ways they can use to live healthier, happier and successful lives. She is the founder of Parul's Wellness Coaching where she helps individuals achieve optimal physical, spiritual, emotional and financial wellbeing. Before venturing into the field of health and wellness, Parul worked as an engineer at Intel and Arizona State University. Apart from maintaining her own blog, she regularly writes for Valley India Times (a monthly publication catering to the South Asian population in Arizona), Dr. Sears Wellness Blog, Wellness Universe, and Natural Healing News. Parul loves feasting on green juices and smoothies, and she is passionate about yoga. She lives in Phoenix, USA and you can visit her website at (or and reach her at
15 Tips For A Safe And Healthy

15 Tips For A Safe And Healthy Holi

Holi is one of the most colourful and vibrant festivals of India. And while the <em>bhang</em> and <em>gujiyas</em>, the singing and dancing, the mischief and drenching in colours are great fun, the aftermath can sometimes be unpleasant, with some people left suffering from skin rashes, eye allergies and discoloration of hair.
22/03/2016 11:58 AM IST
A 6-Step Guide To Detoxing After Diwali (Or Any

A 6-Step Guide To Detoxing After Diwali (Or Any Time!)

Now that the festive lights have been packed away, it's time for a reality check. It's time to bid adieu to copious quantities of sugar and fats and welcome some real food in our lives. Your body wants to get back to normal and is probably screaming for a cleanse. Below are some simple steps you can use to get back on track. The best part is that you can use these clean eating habits any time of year.
22/12/2015 1:05 PM IST
Make These 12 Lifestyle Changes For A Healthy New Year (And

Make These 12 Lifestyle Changes For A Healthy New Year (And Beyond)

It's almost time to bid farewell to this year. It's time for a reality check! Did you stick to the health resolutions you made last year? Kudos to you if you did! But don't lose heart if you fell off the wagon. The following lifestyle tips will ensure that you have a happy, healthy, stress-free and successful life for years to come.
14/12/2015 8:34 AM IST
Here's How You Can Eat Mithais And Still Stay Fit This Festive

Here's How You Can Eat Mithais And Still Stay Fit This Festive Season

With Dassehra and Diwali around the corner, it is difficult to resist the temptation to gorge on sweets and other fat-laden seasonal delicacies - bad news for anyone who is trying to watch their weight and health in general. Yet, you can't possibly nibble salads all day can you? After all Diwali comes only once a year. So is there a way to have all the yummy stuff and get away with it? Turns out there is.
16/10/2015 8:10 AM IST