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Pallav Gogoi


In search of that sublime story, Pallav is voraciously walking through the aisles between reality and fantasy. He lives in a silken apartment, drinks old wine and inhales the unique urban air with perfect ease. He loves to scribble and rant about the uninterrupted chaos and harmony; he is relentlessly trying to smell lilies and maples amid asphalt and stones. When he isn't working, he is found attending rock concerts. He is still struggling to find the perfect plot for his upcoming book. No more a dreamer but surely an optimist who loves to decipher the hidden voices and unknown facets of life.

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Fabrizio Bensch / Reuters

‘Captain America: Civil War' – More Superheroes But Less Punch Than ‘Batman V Superman'

I can't quite grasp why it's being called the greatest superhero movies of all time. For all the technical prowess with which it is made, Civil War doesn't demand a second viewing, unlike Batman V Superman. Yes, it's a thorough entertainer and essentially a pretty hilarious depiction of muscled friends fighting among themselves, but lacks the darkness and philosophical elements that added depth to Batman V Superman.
12/05/2016 8:18 AM IST
Warner Bros

You Critics Are Jokers – ‘Batman v Superman' Is One Of The Best Superhero Movies Ever

Dear haters and critics, I am writing this letter to let you know how new age masterpieces will be disregarded by people like you to satisfy your own inflated egos. The release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was met by an explosion of bad reviews and criticism, but here's the thing: most audiences will not agree with this herd-like dumping of negativity on the movie.
29/03/2016 8:23 AM IST