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Padmaja Alaganandan

Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Padmaja Alaganandan, a Partner with PricewaterhouseCoopers leads the People & Change Consulting Practice in India. In her 20 years of consulting experience across Business and Human Capital consulting, Padmaja has worked with several leading Indian and global organisations across diverse industries. Before joining PwC, she worked in leadership roles in organisations such as Mercer Consulting and A.F. Fergsuon. Padmaja has consulted with several boards & senior management on issues of People Strategy and impact on business. She has also been a member of CII’s National HR Committee, as well as its committee on skill development.

Padmaja is a founding Partner for Social Venture Partners in Bangalore, an organization focused on making a difference in social issues at the local level.

Padmaja has completed her graduation from the University of Madras, and her post graduation from the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta.
A Dynamic Career Vs. Climbing Up The

A Dynamic Career Vs. Climbing Up The Ladder

Is it time to question the unstated belief that career progression needs be a vertical journey, taking us to better and higher roles and titles than we had before? This belief is causing huge stress on both the individual and the organization -- the former due to sense of self-worth being linked to role and title, and the latter because of the pressure to provide growth for everyone lest they get demotivated and leave. Let's face it, only so much growth is possible.
08/06/2016 8:34 AM IST