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Clowning Glory

Follow Us On Twitter | Contact HuffPost India Like Us On Facebook | This article is from Open Magazine. Clowns have to know
20/06/2015 12:37 PM IST

Saving Kutiyattam

Contact HuffPost India Like Us On Facebook | Kapila, daughter of Mohiniyattam dancer Nirmala Paniker and Kutiyattam exponent
20/06/2015 8:58 AM IST
Mahe: Un Pur

Mahe: Un Pur Esprit

This article is from Open Magazine. Like Us On Facebook | Contact HuffPost India Follow Us On Twitter | By M Mukundan Mahe
14/06/2015 9:31 AM IST
Indians On American

Indians On American TV

This article is from Open Magazine. Russian-Indian actor Annet Mahendru plays the seductive Nina Sergeevna in the Americans
13/06/2015 3:12 PM IST
Varanasi: A Pause In

Varanasi: A Pause In Eternity

A bus stop at Jayapur, Modi's adopted village. Photograph by: Ashish Sharma At a left turn on GT Road towards Allahabad, around
30/05/2015 9:21 AM IST

Going Mainstream

But how far have translations to English travelled? Over the five years that the DSC Prize has been awarded at the Jaipur
16/05/2015 8:21 AM IST
A Divine

A Divine Treat

R Chellappa, a cook at the Azhagar temple near Madurai, displays an antique griddle used to make a thick spiced dosa that
25/04/2015 9:08 AM IST