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Noopur Patel

Writer, Educationalist

Media graduate from Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication, Pune with a major in Journalism. I say it like it's an achievement, Well, it's actually far from being one. 'Anyone can become a journalist', my professor once told me. But, it does form a major part of my identity. Additionally, I'm a trained classical singer and dancer and I believe that humans wouldn't survive in this world without art, of any kind. Most books can make me believe that reality is what we make of it and it can be made better with words. My main interests include daydreaming, over-thinking, baking, and talking about things as if I'm the only one who can change the world.
I Started Walking To Work Every Day And It Changed My blyjak

I Started Walking To Work Every Day And It Changed My Life

One day, in the mood to do something different, I decided to tweak my routine a little. I decided I would not take the car and would walk to work instead. The reasons why I took this decision are completely different from the reasons why I will continue this practice.
13/11/2015 8:30 AM IST