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Nishanth Appari

Founder of Beeryani Fitness

Nishanth Appari is the guy who ate Biryani almost everyday for two months and lost weight, the Founder of Beeryani Fitness and an American Council on Exercise certified Personal Trainer.

He's a self crowned Batman, lifts pink dumbbells, has a knack for doing weird things and wants to make fitness fun and exciting.

You could read his blog here.

You could connect with him on Facebook over here."
Weight Loss Success Is A Lot Like Getty Images

Weight Loss Success Is A Lot Like Masturbation

I used to work out without a fan or an AC. It was a time when I thought working out must be hard or it didn't count. So, I took steps to make it as uncomfortable and as difficult as possible. I told myself that I was weak and a sissy for wanting to be comfortable and for craving the easier path. Motivational videos, posters in the gym and movies like Bhaag Milkha Bhaagand Rocky, reaffirmed my faith that I was a weakling.
18/09/2015 8:26 AM IST