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Nishant Rao

Structural designer

Nishant Rao is a structural designer based in Delhi. He attended University of Michigan, ETH Zurich and IIT Guwahati in his various academic pursuits. An active researcher, he is currently interested in exploring the combination of data sciences and social engineering, to make better data-drive decisions. 

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Stringer Sri Lanka / Reuters

Salman Khan Rapegate: Why The Media Was Wrong To React As It Did

I happened to listen to the audio recording of the now infamous comment made by Salman Khan. It is clear (in the audio) that the then present media burst into collective laughter, and to an extent gave Salman positive feedback for making another “bro-type” statement. My question is -- why did no one interrupt him then and there? What was the laughter all about?
12/08/2016 4:23 PM IST